Kennel station of rottweillers „von Keiser Franz“ was officially founded in 2006. It was created in continuity of suitability of breeding conditions of our first lady dog:

Corina dogs von Tomasov (following „Sara“)

Sara was born from the connection of Epos Ki-rot and Carina Agátový les on 11.3.2001. From Sara´s ascendants she had got great character and a great eagerness to learn and work.  In exterior competitions she had always been awarded as  an „Excellent“. She had  full and firm bite (to the sleeve) and was really a demonstrating representative of sport kynology. Once the sleeve was suspended, the hepler could pet her without any doubts. We continued with Sara´s excercises step by step. Once she passed the ZM exam I could say that there will be no problem to pass the SVV1 exam. After fullfillind the conditions of breeding, she was mated with the dog Toby vom Leibgardist. Unfortunately, from this connection after very long (12 hours) and difficult parturition only one puppy survived. The name of the puppy is Angie. Regarding to the difficult parturition, it was the first and the last of Sara´s birth. We remained dedicated to training.  In terms of showing off the defense in her seventh year, many Rottweiler owners could only envy. After  very rapidly and progressive disease of liver we had to lull Sara on 19.11.2009. If you are more interested in life of Sara and her character, you should follow the article “our first ".Angie von Kaiser Franz

Sara was born from the connection of Toby vom Leibgardist and Corina Agátový les on 22.5.2006. Regarding to her ascendants she succeeded great genetic makeup and a great amount of temperament. From the working site she followed her mother Sara, actually she learned new stuff even quicker. Her temperament was fully shown off in the defense. She got off to trance, which had nothing to do with the quality of her performance. In exterior competitions she has been awarded as  an „Excellent“ and equaly excellnet has been valuated also her behaviour in the circle. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen circumstances was another development of the kynology interrupted in 2008. Although at present Angie still attends the training center and repeats each exercise, it is not on the competition level. The last year she got her big responsible role in our breeding station. She has got to be "in charge of" our two additions to the Rottweiler´s family: Caris and Calvin Cleina. And she has handled it well, above all the expectations.