Junior champions

During the 20-21st. August we participated on two international exhibitions that were held in Slovakia. Before the upper mentioned exhibitions had Carisma and Calvin already reached one titel CAJC (Certificat d'Aptitude au Junior Championnat) each.

To reach the titel of junior champion of Slovakia ment to win not only the cathegory of juniors both days, but also to enreach a CAJC * titel to evaluation of "Excellent 1". Finally, we did it! Both carisma and Calvin (13 months juniors) passed the strict conditions.
* To reach a "champion" titel it is neccessary to earn 3xCAJC by the age of 18 months from two different judgees, while at least one of the titel have to be granted by an international exhibition.

Saturday, 20th August

In a place of judgee was Mrs. Malgorzata Halas from Poland. In cathegory of junior-dogs it was quite balanced (after the evaluation of exteriers). In my opinion, it was decided just after demonstration of dog in motion. In fact, it is really important to observe lenght of step and velocity of run to present the dog as requested. The first CAJC!
In cathegory of junior – bitches, Carisma had really no competionion. From the begigining tothe final results was her evaluation "Excellent". The second CAJC.
In competion of BOB (the best of breed) our dogs did not succeed. (However, Carisma was granted the the titel of BOB junior, but this titel is not mentioned anywhere.)
So, by Saturday we fullfilled the goal of participation in this exhibition (to reach 2x CAJC). Everything extra was really a great success, and we had a Sunday just before us. In the evening I just schranked the dogs their favourite acivities of playing with a ball and competing together.

Sunday, 21st. August

In a place uf judgee is Leos Jancik from Czech Republic. The Cathegory of junior dogs. I am in a circle with Calvin. The beginning is not good. The judgee make an option on my wife (who tried to catch Calvin´s attention by a small ball so he can stand right in a requested position) with words:..."If I want to, I will whistle myself on the dog..". He clearly set the rules of assessing. I was quite uncertain what will follow, but after the first words of the judgee it was ok, again...The judgee dictates his assistant:"..very nice dog, great firm body, nice formed head, eye the right colour, correctly possitioned ears, great skeleton..." After these words I knew that if we don not fail by our mistake, everything will be ok. It only remaind to present the perfect motion and hope, that Calvin will be granted by "Excellent" and a titel. We did it, again!. The third CAJC.

The last step – Carisma. Through the years of pracce I learned that sometimes a trifle (as a correct begging) may weigh. Therefore I teach our dogs from the very first beggining to show teir teeth in four steps (closed, right, left, opened), so the teeth control will run without any problems and the best effect. Right how the Carrie did on Sunday. Nasledovalo vystavenie(s tým ona nemá problém),potom už len tri kolečká okolo kruhu, jeden krát diagonála a už len podanie ruky s hodnotením Výborná 1 s udelením titulu CAJC.Very elegant beggining, followed by exposure (no problem at all), tree circles, one diagonal and a handshake with evaluation of "Excellent 1" eith the titel of CAJC.

The final is upon us. The direct battle between Carrie and Calvin for the evaluation of BOB (best of breed). I took Carrie, my wife took Calvin. The judgee made it very simple and short. One exposure, two circles, short commentar for the audience. Then the judgee turned to us with words:"You have very nice dogs...I am giving it to the dog." The BOB finished our very successful dog weekend. This success made a great delight for us, however we are finished with exhibitions for this year. It is time to train again for the next season.