"Perfect.. if I didn´t see them lying on my table, I would say it has to be a picture taken from some schoolbook of anatomy. I could peacefully show them to my students of veterinary care so they can see how healthy joints look like.." Wth these words discribed and commented the radiographs of hip and elbow joints of Carisma and Calvin well known Mr. MVDr. Ivan Pasek from the veterinary clinic in Trnava.

This good news came from the september, 14th when I went with our two junior on an obligatory visit to a veterinary clinit. Although, by rottweilers is only the hip joints X-ray which are obligate, I decided (with regard to our further breeding plans) to do also the elbow joints X-ray, so we have the certainty that all joints are fine. It is thus easy to write, but the breeder who has already experienced an unpleasant surprise of X-ray knows that he can not be sure how it will result, anytimes..and also despite the fact that all the ancestors of the lineage may have healthy, "class "joints...

With our juniors it was (thank God) fine. From the animal clinic in Trnava we went home satisfied, though a little with a small soul, because I was awaiting dogs to wake-up from anesthesia. I'd experienced it once before ... a few years ago when Sara was on X-ray and began to awaken from anesthesia on the back seat. I can assure anybody, that the situation when a Rottweiler close to you, obviously not recognizing you (with classic and dark "rottweilers expression"in its eyes), gives you a final warning before the attack, is therefore nothing that you would have wished to experience again. That was the first and hopefully the last time when I was not sure what my own dog will do. However, today is anesthesia probably at a higher level, so this awaking process is gradual, slow, even if the dogs began to recognize me after three hours, it was not dramatic. Even so, for the next two hours they were really confused (no screen no audio), but there was no problem and so has remained only the good news of the day, with which I began this article.