Carisma - Champion of Slovakia

With Exhibition in Senec (8.6.2012) we completed the stage  with fulfilled purpose – to reach the title The Beauty Champion of Slovakia. Carisma obtained (at age 23 months) fourth CAC  title and thus fulfilled the conditions to achieve the title Champion of Slovakia.

We started on 19.11.2011 for the first time in Nitracanis - the middle class. Both days Carisma achieved an Excellent 1, CAC on Sunday from the referee Cs.Pettko (HUN). The second CAC was awarded by the judge A.Čučnik (SLO) at the MVP Nitra (24.-25.3.2012). Regarding to the referee J.Mravíka, it lacked some extra pounds to achieve the second title. Carisma was awarded with the third title by the judge M.Inzoli (ITA) at the SPRINGDUODANUBE on Sunday, 13.5. (along with the title CACIB), when the day before the judge B.Rajiča (SLO) gave Carisma an Excellent. The last CAC gained Carisma from a slovakian judge -  G.Ridarčíková at the CVP Senec.

In short: From November 2011 it has been 8 exhibitions, 8 different judges, 7 wins in the middle class, 4 times with CAC and 1 CACIB.

Only once Carisma has received an assessment "very good " at the club show (which I am the most sorry) by a referee Alan Doyle from Ireland... But I think that he really evaluated poorly. I might be wrong but only in that case the rest of the above mentioned officials are possibly blind. And clearly they are not.